EFA anchors are made in Erie, PA with American galvanized steel.

The “anchor” was designed by EFI, and the patent was sold to our distributor, Sharon Fence.

EFI has been using the anchor on chainlink fence posts for 40 years.  We find the anchor is as strong as posts set in concrete.  In fact, posts with anchors outperform posts with concrete in areas with heavy freeze conditions and areas where there is standing ground water.

Anchors reduce labor and material costs.  The job gets done cheaper and faster with no compromise in quality.

Installation is simple.

1.   Pound the post into the grade level.

2.  Slide the anchor onto the post.

3.  Drive the anchor into the ground so that it is just about 2 inches below grade level.

4.¬† Job’s done.

As an option, a self-tapping screw through the holes in the anchor can be added to prevent gate posts from turning.




  • No holes to dig.
  • No sand, gravel and cement to buy, mix and haul.
  • No cement spills and mess to clean up.
  • No dirt to remove from lawn.
  • No frost problems.
  • Stretch fence immediately. No delay for cement to cure.
  • One day fence installation.
  • Holds just as securely as cement.
  • Fence can be easily disassembled and moved.

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