Fencing — General Information

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A quality fence helps protect you from vandalism, crime, theft, and liability of accidental injuries.  Fences keep children and pets safely at home, secure pools and recreational facilities, and create private outdoor settings for your family.  A new fence brings you peace of mind while adding to the value and security of your home.

Today, residential fencing is available in a wide variety of styles and designs that beautify as well as secure your property.  From split rail to picket, wood, and PVC screen fences, ornamental rail to privacy fences, Erie Fence offers a style that is just right for your home and your budget.

Erie Fence offers a full range of chain link, vinyl coated, treated pine and cedar, ornamental aluminum or steel, and PVC fence.  In addition, all the necessary hardware – including locks, posts, gates, and even automatic gates are available from Erie Fence.

  • Protect Children and Pets
  • Add Privacy and Intimacy
  • Reduce Noise
  • Beautify Entryways
  • Enhance Landscaping
  • Stop Trespassing
  • Keep Out Stray Animals
  • Secure Pools & Other Areas
  • Screen Unsightly Views


A secure fenced perimeter around warehouses, fleet parking facilities, equipment installations, manufacturing plants, construction sites, and employee parking lots will protect your company and its most valuable assets from vandalism, crime, theft, and liability of accidental injury.

Erie Fence can enhance security with double fencing, concertina wire, mini-mesh chain link, automatic gates, and access control card readers.  Fence material manufactured from PVC, wood, aluminum, steel, and traditional chain link is available in a wide variety of styles.

Today’s commercial and industrial fence products enhance both security and safety while offering architecturally pleasing options in fence design.

  • Protect Valuable Equipment and Property from Vandalism and Theft
  • Protect Inventory and Deter Unauthorized Entry to Secured Areas
  • Eliminate Views of Unsightly Industrial Loading Docks and Other Areas

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